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(BIM-2854) Novel Single-side Suspension Footbridge: BIM, IPD and Cost Control Case Study

Wishing Star Lake Park is located beside the Shanghai Disney Resort and contains two distinctive footbridges constructed across the river. Both structures are concrete, steel and cable suspension with unique curved space beams, double decks and single-side suspension.

Two bridges contain both creative aesthetic design features and also a cleverly-created load path. The unique bridge features required different techniques in component fabrication, structural analysis and construction technology, compared with the conventional suspension bridges. There were unexpected risks in progress, performance and safety during the construction, which had an effect on the project cost control. The unique design also created new challenges for cost control, which is in contrast to the typical suspension bridge design.

This paper reports the novel features that encompasses the architecture and structural design, cable system and construction methods. The paper outlines the successful application of Building Information Modeling(BIM) technology, post-construction loading test and the adjustment of human-induced vibration during the construction. It also discusses the cost control process by use of subdividing the novel project segments, project work flow arrangement, construction processing selecting and component selecting, andfabrication. As a case study, this paper highlights the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), including the team organization andworking methods. Based on the IPD input, the reasonable technologies, methods and products of construction are selected, which is the key to the cost control in this novel project.