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(BIM-2506) Virtual Construction Management

Level: Basic
Author(s): Michel Guevremont, P.Eng. PSP
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: With great tools on the market to perform 4D scheduling for the heavy civil construction industry, a major Canadian utility company recently enhanced its virtual construction 4D scheduling practice on two new facilities. The latest simulations included equipment, just-in-time handling, equipment storage and displacement, space identification and reservation, distinct trade and contract identification in addition to traditional time sequencing. This development included multiple types of contracts: mechanical, electrical, architecture and turbine-generating equipments in addition to excavations, concrete and superstructure. This has been done using both owner and contractors schedules (baselines and updates) and 3D mock-ups for hydroelectrical powerhouse projects. Simulations were performed both at the master schedule level and for specific contracts with consideration of the different but appropriate levels of details. The 4D process has so far been internal to the owner's organisation for project information validation only. 3D ViaTM Composer Player Pro was used to generate light program files that are easily interoperable by the project control staff. The system helps office personnel with strategic decisions and field personnel with operational considerations.