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(CDR-2936) The Impacted As-Planned Methodology (MIP 3.6) – Suitability and Application in Delay Analysis

The impacted as-planned methodology is, perhaps, the most criticized among all other delay analysis methodologies. Despite that, one cannot help but notice that the impacted as-planned methodology survived the challenges and remains one of the most frequently used methods in many countries, and in various dispute forums and stages. Of course, the availability of information is one of the main factors that dictate, on many occasions, the method that can be used for each particular case, however, this paper argues that when it comes to the popularity of the impacted as-planned method, the availability of information is a secondary factor in the analysts' eyes, it is often the simplicity of the method that makes this method very appealing to use. This paper examines the settings under which an analyst will favor this method, the method suitability, and the objectives and expectations when deciding to use it for delay analysis applications. The paper will also discuss various implementations of the method and illustrate the differences in results between these various implementations.