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(CDR-2966) Primavera's Float Path Calculation: Review and Analysis of Applications

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Oracle's Primavera P6 Professional Project Management scheduling software remains the dominant package in construction scheduling, and features introduced by this software often become lingua franca between schedulers and schedule analysts. Such has been the case with the “float path” calculation that Oracle includes in its P6 software. Oracle’s documentation states that the Multiple Float Path module of P6 calculates a “most critical path” and “sub-critical” paths, ranked in order of “criticality” by the Float Path Value. Schedulers and analysts who use P6 have sometimes adopted this feature and used it to determine “near-critical” paths, or even “concurrently critical” paths. This paper will present multiple case studies to illuminate the operation of the float path calculation so that analysts can properly employ the module through an understanding of its uses and limitations.