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93R-17: Schedule Logs

93R-17: Schedule Logs
AACE International, April 18, 2018

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This recommended practice (RP) defines the process for collecting schedule as-planned and as-built information in a tabular log format, and using that data to support ongoing monitoring, analysis and forecasting functions.

This RP is intended to provide guidelines (i.e., not a standard) for steps to be taken in order to organize, maintain and use a schedule log, which most practitioners would consider to be a reliable good practice that they would recommend for use where applicable.

This RP is for use by the project team members involved in schedule planning and maintenance for any project type, particularly in industries such as construction where schedules are specified as part of the project controls process. Users should consider limiting or expanding the level of detail needed to suit both their organization’s documentation standards as well as the needs of their projects.

There are planning, organizational and analytical benefits in keeping a detailed log of schedule updates produced during the course of a project. These include:
• Quick reference for project status
• Schedule update highlights
• Overview of the project timeline and
• Schedule trend analysis

The schedule log tracks the project’s path over time and can aid the project team in charting the course to project completion. The schedule log also serves as a useful tool for briefing various project outsiders who may have an interest in reviewing the history of the project schedules.

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