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95R-18: Construction Photography to Document Project Status

95R-18: Construction Photography to Document Project Status
AACE International, February 27, 2019

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Communicating and substantiating the current construction jobsite status is difficult to do in writing. Photographs can be far more effective as they have the potential to present more information than any other medium. However, photographs of jobsite status often fail to fully realize their potential in documenting the construction process due to the photographer’s lack of understanding as to how to identify important features or how to compose a good picture. At other times, failure may come from losing important project information due to lack of organization or proper documentation of where and when the photo was taken.

This recommended practice (RP) of AACE International defines the tools, processes, and procedures that should be considered in order to optimize the planning, capture, organization, retrieval, and uses for electronic photographs of jobsite status.

This RP is intended to provide guidelines (i.e., not a standard) for jobsite photography. Although the photographer can be anyone who visits the jobsite, this RP is most applicable to those with an understanding of current project performance and work priorities who desire to develop a good and reliable practice of this skill.

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