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109R-19: Schedule Change Management - As Applied in Construction

109R-19: Schedule Change Management - As Applied in Construction
AACE International, January 20, 2021

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This recommended practice (RP) of AACE International provides guidelines for the schedule change management process for construction projects. The RP is intended to provide guidelines, not to establish a standard. Most practitioners would consider these guidelines as good and reliable practices.

Schedule change management refers to the process of managing project schedules resulting from any change to the scope of work or any deviation, performance trend or change to the control schedule. A control schedule is defined as: The most recent update to a project schedule including current progress status and accepted changes. This is the current schedule used to manage the project on regular basis as defined in the contract. This is distinct from a baseline schedule, which is fixed. Schedule change management helps ensure that the schedule addresses the time related requirements of both the project team and the customer. Poor management of schedule change may result in loss of control over planned project completion and inaccurate progress measurement including earned value assessment.

Deviations and changes are often identified during a project. The evaluation of these deviations are inputs to the change management process (see: TCM Framework Section 10.3 and RP 100R-19). The time related issues must be addressed and resolved appropriately in the schedule change management process. Proper scheduling skills and knowledge are needed to successfully support the project management team in the schedule change management process.

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