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14R-90: Required Skills and Knowledge of Planning and Scheduling [August 30, 2022]

14R-90: Required Skills and Knowledge of Planning and Scheduling
AACE International, August 30, 2022

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This recommended practice is intended to serve the following purposes: define the core skills and knowledge a planning and scheduling practitioner is required to have to be considered a professional practitioner, and in doing so establish the core competencies for the AACE International PSP education and certification programs.

Knowledge is understanding gained through experience or study, while skills are abilities that transform knowledge into use. Core competencies are those whose usage is and which AACE International considers as being required for planning and scheduling practitioners to know and use.

This recommended practice (RP) lists the core competencies and provides general performance statements (e.g., “describe”, “perform”, etc.) to represent the level of proficiency expected in each subject area. These statements are guiding examples only and are presented in a “verb-object” format.

This outline is intended to be a structural foundation for additional planning and scheduling products to be developed by AACE International and will continue to be modified as current practices change.

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