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29R-03: Forensic Schedule Analysis [April 25, 2011]

29R-03: Forensic Schedule Analysis
AACE International, April 25, 2011

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The purpose of the AACE® International Recommended Practice 29R-03 Forensic Schedule Analysis is to provide a unifying reference of basic technical principles and guidelines for the application of critical path method (CPM) scheduling in forensic schedule analysis. In providing this reference, the RP will foster competent schedule analysis and furnish the industry as whole with the necessary technical information to categorize and evaluate the varying forensic schedule analysis methods. The RP discusses certain methods of schedule delay analysis, irrespective of whether these methods have been deemed acceptable or unacceptable by courts or government boards in various countries around the globe.

This RP is not intended to establish a standard of practice, nor is it intended to be a prescriptive document applied without exception. Therefore, a departure from the recommended protocols should not be automatically treated as an error or a deficiency as long as such departure is based on a conscious and sound application of schedule analysis principles. As with any other recommended practice, the RP should be used in conjunction with professional judgment and knowledge of the subject matter. While the recommended protocols contained herein are intended to aid the practitioner in creating a competent work product it may, in some cases, require additional or fewer steps.

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