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55R-09: Analyzing S-Curves

55R-09: Analyzing S-Curves
AACE International, November 10, 2010

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This recommended practice (RP) for analyzing S-curves is intended to serve as a guideline, not to establish a standard. As a recommended practice of AACE International, analyzing S-curves provides guidelines for stakeholders of a project to evaluate the current status and trends of a project in a simple graphical format.

S-curves are usually developed by a project scheduler or cost engineer and can be applied on a variety of project types. The product is generally used as a project management and/or total cost management (TCM) tool for graphic representation of project performance.

The RP provides descriptions of S-curves with the intent to improve understanding and communication among project participants and stakeholders when preparing and analyzing graphics based upon project schedule information. The RP describes different types of S-curves that may be generated from a schedule provided the proper information is loaded into the schedule and the status of the information is maintained throughout the duration of the project.

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