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90R-17: Statusing the CPM Schedule - As Applied in Construction

90R-17: Statusing the CPM Schedule - As Applied in Construction
AACE International, March 19, 2018

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This recommended practice (RP) for critical path method (CPM) construction schedule status provides guidelines for the project scheduler to determine and assess the ramifications of project status and progress. This document is intended to provide a guideline, not a standard.

This recommended practice is aligned with the Total Cost Management (TCM) Framework Section III, Project Control Process, Chapter 9.2 – Progress and Performance Measurement on construction projects. [14]

The subject of CPM status encompasses two different issues; activity status and project status. Activities are pre-defined units of work that are typically the focus of status assessment. Once the activity status is defined, the logic and CPM calculations provide for an assessment of project status.

There may be instances where the improper or imprecise definition of activity status may cause conflict between project stakeholders. Disagreement about start and finish status updates may cause critical path, float, and contractor payment timing concerns.

In a dispute resolution situation, the evaluation of delay cost (quantum) is in part dependent upon the status assessment of active activities and hence the status of the schedule. Before the project starts, the meaning of activity status should be clearly defined to drive consistency in the understanding and application of schedule updates.

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