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(CSC-2815) Using Document Management Workflow for Measuring Performance of Project Engineering

Document management tools and software contain a wealth of data that can be used at various phases of a project to support the measurements of engineering progress and performance. Data fields in the tools which specifically store actual dates, revision status, type of deliverables, etc. can be used to validate reporting metrics defined for engineering. Utilizing this information creates the knowledge base to make informative decisions for engineering interface with procurement, construction, and commissioning. It also improves project forecasting and substantiates collection points needed to meet critical milestones.

This paper demonstrates the concepts of data collection through document workflow and how to convert that into progress metrics that supplement traditional performance metrics. For example a progress metric such as the average time needed to move a document from status “A” to status “B” may validate the progress value calculated using rules of credit. The authors will present multiple metrics and trends to make use of data contained within document management tools to improve the reliability of traditional progress and performance metrics. These trends will support project forecast related to engineering deliverables.