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(CSC-3429) Top Ten Successful Approaches to On-Time Completion

In order to receive proof of CEU credits, you must watch this presentation in its entirety and complete the survey.

Level: Basic
TCM Section(s): 7.2. Schedule Planning and Development
Venue: 2020 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: Many projects today fail when it comes to completing on the planned final completion date. This failure is generally due to a number of issues related to the quality of the analysis of delays, owner commitments, and contractor performance problems.A deep-dive technical analysis, supported by lessons-learned and deep experience in problem resolution and mitigation of delays, greatly improves the opportunities for achieving on-time completion.Unfortunately, this deep dive technical analysis is often not performed, whether it is due to inexperience, lack of competence, limited time for analysis, or weak analysis.The use of a system to provide completion prediction and analysis streamlines the effort and ensures that these ten approaches are consistently followed for a successful completion.

In this paper, the authors continue their series of “Top Ten” issues and will give you their top ten approaches for enhancing a project’s chances of meeting this planned date. The authors of this paper are widely experienced in planning and scheduling complex projects, dispute resolution analyses, project controls, project management and have testified as experts in forensic and project schedule analysis.