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(CSC-3609) Causes and Impacts of Delay in Construction Project in Saudi Arabia

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Level: Basic
TCM Section(s):
7.6. Risk Management
Venue: 2021 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: This paper aims to study and analyze the main causes and impacts of construction projects delays in Saudi Arabia. This delay is a common concern worldwide, as it has significant impacts on the engineering and financial aspects of projects. To carry out this study, relevant data were collected from related sources including88 contractors, 42 consultants and 25 clients (total of 155 source of information in a form of questionnaire responses), the data were then assessed and analyzed obtaining33 causes and 6 impacts of projects delays. The identified causes and impacts were found to be related to all different types of the construction projects. The study results indicate that there are three main causes of delays in construction projects:
  1. Poor project scheduling and planning from the contractor's side,
  2. Inability of the contractor to implement financial planning and;
  3. Lack of supervision and monitoring on site by the contractor.
Consequently, these delays are responsible for affecting the parameters of costs and time in construction projects substantially. The survey results also found that there are high correlations between the client and consultant causes and weak correlations between client and contractor causes. And there is different correlation which is considered a huge correlation between contractor causes and the impacts. The survey also explained that 19.0% of the projects in Saudi Arabia are considered to be overdue and 19.2% are considered to be over budgeted.