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(CSC-1206) Estimating Theme Parks and Attractions

Primary Author: Mr Asif Parkar CCC CEP EVP PSP

Audience Focus: Advanced
Application Type: Focus
Venue: 2013 AACE International Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, USA

Abstract: So as estimators, how difficult can it get? We all recognize that every project is unique but, after acquiring a number of years’ experience, aren’t all projects the same? The answer of course is no, but raises another question - what is the most difficult type of estimating?
This paper explores the challenges of estimating themed attractions and highlights particular characteristics that make this a highly specialized skill and one that remains somewhat of a ‘black art’. Estimating attractions goes way beyond the standard divisions of ‘facility’ work. There are in fact thirty exclusive ‘show ‘divisions and an additional fifteen ‘ride’ divisions to consider. Factor in soft costs and you start to appreciate just how much is involved.
The industry is notoriously secretive - in an increasingly competitive market where owners offer the next tallest, biggest, fastest, thrilling experience in pursuit of that extra guest at the turnstile – secrecy is a must. What it also means however, is that information is scarce or unreliable, adding a further layer of complexity; one that positions attraction estimating among the most difficult.