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(CSC-2687) Change Control Procedure during Design Development of a Mega Transit Project

Level: Intermediate
Author(s): Amgad F. Fahmy, PE CCP PSP
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: Changes to any or all of the project triple constraints (cost, schedule and scope) are inevitable. During the design development of a mega transit project, changes could occur for many reasons and can impact not only project progress, but many other critical areas, such as the project budget, project schedule, Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), third party stakeholders, property acquisition schedule, funding complications, etc. This paper intends to examine the major impacts that may occur during the design development of a mega transit project. It discusses the complications of changes in the light of standard project processes directed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). It also presents some recommended practices for a change control procedure in order to effectively manage changes and respond to their impacts.