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(DEV-2431) Harnessing Leadership Skills in Project Management

Level: Basic
Author(s): Biju Jacob
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: In today’s complex, technologically oriented and highly competitive environment it is imperative that the project manager has developed and perfected his management skills to ensure effective performance in managing projects. Previous studies show that traditional project management methods developed over the last century are inadequate for dealing with the ever-increasing levels of ambiguity and complexity experienced in modern-day construction projects.

This paper will discuss new perspectives and concepts for an advanced level of project management skills to assist development of the abilities necessary to overcome the daily complexities and challenges that now confront Project managers.

One key skill that all successful Project managers need to master is the ability to attune their temporal skills such as communication, teamwork, motivating and decision making. Other essential key skills include honing Client relationships, adaptability to change initiative, corporate culture and matrix management. Additionally, developing new concepts like "Shared Leadership Concept and Tribal leadership Culture" will harness a Manager’s abilities and will assist in overcoming present levels of difficulty and crisis encountered in the current project management environment.