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(EST-3403) (Presentation Only) Function Points: One Size Fits All

In order to receive proof of CEU credits, you must watch this presentation in its entirety and complete the survey.

Venue: 2020 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: There are many challenges when faced with creating estimates for software development projects. However, without a doubt, the single largest driver for cost, effort, and duration is project size. The typical approach to sizing a software project, if it is tried at all, is to 'estimate' software lines of code (SLOC).While this may be the most expeditious method, history has shown that this approach usually produces highly inaccurate estimates.

IBM developed function points as an alternative method to bring about more consistent and accurate project sizing for use in software project estimation.This methodology, while not a perfect solution, has enjoyed great success in more than 35 years of use worldwide.

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) Function Point sizing methodology, its key concepts, as well as strengths, limitations, and misconceptions.Function point-based metrics, FP based contracting and other key uses for FPA will be covered.The presentation will also detail why FPA is preferable to SLOC or other sizing methods when creating software development project estimates.