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(EST-3845) Application of Parametric Models for Cost and Carbon (CO2) Footprint Estimating in Infrastructure Projects

Level: Basic
TCM Section(s):
7.3. Cost Estimating and Budgeting
11.6. Environment, Health, and Safety Management
Venue: 2022 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: As the environmental impact of infrastructure mega projects becomes increasingly important in early concept decisions, especially due to CO2 emission reduction commitments of developed countries, it is essential that consultants and project owners can assess not only budgetary costs but also the overall embodied CO2 of their project designs. Having timely feedback of the cost and CO2 footprint of the asset types they assess for their projects, before their final design, can help reduce both costs and CO2 and therefore optimize the overall design. This paper describes a case study on how infrastructure asset conceptual parametric models (also called smart assemblies) for providing both cost and CO2 estimates can be used in a road project and how they can apply in Class 5 to 3 estimates in conjunction with GIS definitions or more detailed asset scope to deliver cost and carbon optimized projects.