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(EST-2265) Mobile Collection Technology to Develop Accurate Cost Reports

Primary Author: Jax Kneppers
Co-Author(s): Matthew Dick; Dr. Borja Garcia de Soto, PE

Audience Focus: Intermediate
Application Type: Research
Venue: 2016 AACE International Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, Canada

Abstract: Collecting field data required to prepare accurate estimates has proven to be an inefficient and poorly organized process. Current technologies allow users to transfer database cost models into mobile devices that enable users to collect data in an efficient and organized manner. Applying mobile technology, estimators can organize their data-collection process to match their business needs around familiar formats such as CSI’s Masterformat and other forms. Formats can include other criteria such as spaces, trades, work packages, and schedule activity IDs. This technology adds significant clarity and definition, translating into better communication from field observations to estimates and project management. Advanced features like notes, dictations, and markups attached to specific images add a higher degree of sophistication for data management. The confluence of mobile data and cloud-based data repositories allows for editing, sharing and tracking historical events. This data provides the basis for reliable development of cost reports. This paper presents this technology as a major game changer in the way field data is captured, estimates are prepared, and projects are managed.