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(EVM-2041) A Critical Analysis of the ANSI/EIA Standard for EVMS and the TCM Framework

Primary Author: Mr Dan Melamed CCP EVP
Co-Author(s): Mr Richard C Plumery EVP

Audience Focus: Intermediate
Application Type: Research
Venue: 2015 AACE International Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Abstract: This paper discusses a critical analysis used for a recent Recommended Practice (RP) providing an Earned Value Management (EVM) overview for projects with EVM based upon the ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS Standard. This effort is being undertaken in order to better develop RPs for the application of EVM according to the Total Cost Management (TCM) Framework. An analysis between the 32 Guidelines for the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) and the TCM Framework is also provided. The relationships between the ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS Guidelines, the NDIA intent guide, are critically analyzed and compared to the analogous processes, procedures and requirements as outlined in the TCM Framework. This paper will also cover the future development of RPs encompassing the private sector’s application of EVM in performance measurement systems.