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(EVM-2590) Adopting a Flexible EVM Strategy to Optimize Project Performance

Level: Basic
Author(s): Christen Bergerud
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: Earned Value Management (EVM) is often misinterpreted as a time-consuming, complicated bureaucratic requirement, when in reality it offers numerous advantages to organizations seeking more accurate cost forecasting and improved project and program performance. This paper will discuss effective strategies to adopt a simple but effective approach to EVM useful for all industries. We’ll show you how to apply the principles of EVM in a manner that best fits your internal objectives, when not obligated to comply with specific requirements such as the EIA-748 standard: What are the necessary building blocks for EVM?; How can you get from raw program data to maximum visibility and actionable information?; What happens when you combine objective progress measurement with cost and schedule?; How can EVM help drive margins and profitability?