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(INT-1423) Globalizing a Project Process - Lessons Learned

Primary Author: Mr Joeseph J. Cirafesi

Audience Focus: Basic
Application Type: Application
Venue: 2013 AACE International Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, USA

Abstract: This paper addresses the challenges and lessons learned in converting a US based project development and execution process into a process that could be implemented across the globe. The author will provide a brief introduction to the initial re-engineering of the process, the global challenges considered during the development, strategies employed to address those issues and our lessons learned from rollout. Also discussed are the practical challenges of globalizing such a program including the development of training materials, language and translation issues and tips. Attendees will gain insight into how to approach such a project, with emphasis on how to prepare for training and communication activities in those locations where English is not the primary language and American culture is not the predominant environment. Our findings were that it is essential to provide training in “doing business internationally,” partner with a superlative translation company and carefully select a development and deployment team with both technical and business experience in the target countries. In addition, having bi-lingual speakers (English and target country) is critical.