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(OWN-810) Field Projects Controls Roles in Managing Different Contracts (Owner's Approach)

Primary Author: Mr Mohamed Hosny Abdel-Mageed CCE Suncor Energy Services Inc

Audience Focus: Intermediate
Application Type: Experience-Based
Venue: 2012 AACE International Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to shed some light on the role of project controls in different types of engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) contracts from an owner's perspective. The varied functions of project controls should all work together and supplement each other to act as a decision support to project management and manage the contracts no matter what type of contract is. This paper will focus on the three main types of contracts and the roles of the different areas of project controls to handle it. In addition, this paper will shed light on the different disciplines within project controls and the integration among them to reach the ideal goal of controlled execution of a project with repeatable best practices.