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(OWN-921) Review of a Third Party Capital Estimate from the Owner's Perspective

Primary Author: Mr David B Roggenkamp CCE Global Project Services Inc
Co-author(s): Mr Douglas W Leo FRICS CCC CEP Censeo Project Solutions

Audience Focus: Basic
Application Type: Experience-Based
Venue: 2012 AACE International Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA

Abstract: In today's world of mega capital projects the process and cycle times are under the constant pressure of costs and schedule to get the projects completed and operational. One of the major milestones in the project life cycle is the development and management approval of a final funding estimate which will help define the scope of the project and provide a control basis going forward. This paper will address issues related to confirmation of the validity of a third party estimate to allow the owner to have confidence the project will meet the companys financial and operational objectives.