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(OWN-2163) Challenges and Strategies for Effective Scope Management Across an Enterprise

Primary Author: Sandeep S. Kurup
Co-Author(s): Dr. G. Rock Spencer, PE CCP DRMP PSP; Dr. Peerapong Aramvareekul, EVP PSP

Audience Focus: Intermediate
Application Type: Research
Venue: 2016 AACE International Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, Canada

Abstract: For a company that operates and maintains assets and has repeatable projects, having a standardized WBS for its project portfolio is an efficient way of managing scope. With a standard WBS, the process of obtaining data consistency across the entire project lifecycle starting from scope definition, estimation, execution through benchmarking becomes more streamlined. The integrity of data thus obtained is far superior and prevents re-inventing the wheel every time a new project is initiated.

However, implementing a process for effective scope management is complex and challenging especially when it comes to bringing about a culture change within the organization. Different departments using their legacy processes, employee attitudes towards process change, scalability needs depending on project size and the interplay between new and existing enterprise systems are some of the challenges that one encounters during its implementation. This paper is a case study that will address the following:
• Elaborate on the above mentioned challenges.
• Discuss in detail the strategy for effective scope management
• Present a data flow model to ensure data integrity through the project lifecycle.