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(OWN-2509) Program Level Scheduling - Enterprise Alignment for Programmatic and CPM Schedules

Level: Basic
Author(s): John Blodgett; Brian Criss, PSP
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: As organizations seek to perform more projects during annual budget cycles, the practice of Program Level Scheduling becomes increasingly important. The Program environment poses a unique set of challenges that may not be typically encountered when scheduling for a single project. Aligning project information with organizational goals, ensuring adequate resource availability, navigating the enterprise landscape, and development of meaningful reports for executives are all essential objectives of Program Level Scheduling. In order to achieve these objectives, a further challenge is how to best to develop program level schedules that align both complex projects requiring Critical Path Method (CPM) analysis along with lesser projects and programmatic work. Programmatic work is usually low-complexity, unit-based production work, such as gas service or power pole replacement, but still requires shared resources with larger project work that is traditionally managed in Oracle® Primavera P6™ (Primavera P6). This leads to additional challenges in managing all projects and programmatic work with “one view of the work,” while not adding undue administrative burden, and maintaining tight data quality with thousands of jobs on a massive scale.

This presentation will provide recommendations and lessons learned from years of experience in managing programs within Primavera P6 and what key information is essential in the development of Program Level Scheduling best practices.