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(PM-2774) Project Lifecycle Stakeholder Management

While much literature and guidance has been developed regarding stakeholder management within a mature organization, fewer bodies of work have addressed this need during a project’s lifecycle. Therefore, this paper focuses upon stakeholder management over the lifecycle of a project with some examples and discussions related to nuclear sector construction or decommissioning. One should note however, that the examples provided in this paper are also relevant to, and can easily be translated to any project within any sector. Some stakeholders are “more important” than others over a project’s lifecycle, this paper will also clarify this aspect of project management and delivery.

The term “Stakeholder Management” at times has carried negative connotations. However, through exploration of the lifecycle of a project, and the role that different stakeholders play at different times, one can understand how efficient stakeholder management is critical to the delivery of a project. A well, thought-out plan, with a valid stakeholder strategy and engagement schedule, that logically reflects the work schedule, is just as important to the delivery of a project as the brick and mortar.