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(PS-3428) Ramifications of Owner’s Baseline Schedule Approval Decisions

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Level: Intermediate
TCM Section(s):
7.2. Schedule Planning and Development
4.1. Project Implementation
Venue: 2020 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: Just when a team thinks that a project is smooth sailing in its early stages, a critical deliverable is missed… now what?While many owners and scheduling specifications have requirements for owner approval of contractors' baseline and update schedules, too often there is concern about possible risks associated with approval, or approvals are simply ignored.Sometimes specifications require 'approval', sometimes 'review', sometimes they mention 'acceptance', occasionally they simply address a 'record submission'.Often the concerns are related to the worry that review might 'direct' the contractor to a specific means and methods that could be problematic for the owner later if the project runs into delays related to the means and methods employed.

Studies show that one of the traits of project success is the involvement of the management team (Owner, Project Controls Group, Construction Manager and Contractor Management staff) in schedule review.[1]This paper discusses the different review and approval options for owners and makes recommendations for the appropriate level of approval, including discussion of the benefits and risks of any approach.The reasons for schedule rejection are discussed, as well as recommendations for requirements that tend to improve the chances of receiving an approved schedule.

Working for a top-50 program management firm, the authors have dealt with the issues of drafting scheduling specifications and schedule approval. They bring an extensive depth of experience in scheduling and schedule review, through working with contractors, consultants, and owners.