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(PS-1015) (Panel Discussion) Great Debate 2012: Implementation Considerations between Enterprise Scheduling or Stand-Alone Scheduling

Primary Author: Mr Mark C Sanders PE CCE PSP Alpha3 Consulting LLC
Co-author(s): Ms Carmelita Thorndike PSP Scheduling Consultants; Mr Mark F Nagata PSP Trauner Consulting Services, Inc.; Mr Patrick M Kelly PSP ARCADIS-US

Audience Focus: Intermediate
Application Type:
Venue: 2012 AACE International Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA

Abstract: The industry standard is rapidly moving towards use of enterprise scheduling and away from local computer stand-alone scheduling. Stand-alone scheduling has been around for years, and most schedulers are proficient with their software brand, but are they being left behind with the emphasis on enterprise scheduling and web-based schedule software packages? Should scheduling focus on the success of individual projects, or on central reporting and the management of resources across the enterprise? There are benefits and disadvantages to each, but which really is the better choice?

This paper will first discuss the benefits of a stand-alone system for project and forensic scheduling. It will then move to the benefits of an enterprise system for project and forensic scheduling. The benefits are solely mentioned with direct intention to assist in identification of the positive aspects of both systems.