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(PS-2425) Jobsite Photography Should Be a Scheduler’s Job

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Level: Basic
Author(s): Ronald M. Winter, PSP FAACE
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: Schedulers should be doing more than just noting jobsite status; they should be documenting it. Jobsite photography should be a part of the daily, weekly, or monthly status inventory that schedulers perform. Arrive too early and the photographer might miss documenting part of the work. Photograph the work too late and it may be obstructed by new work. Site conditions at the moment of project delay must be timely noted. Timing is everything and that is a specialty where schedulers should excel!

This paper discusses the unique talents that the scheduler can apply to documenting work status. If a job is to be done, then it should be done correctly. It is not enough to just snap a picture; the subject of that picture should be focused on the pertinent project issues and should be clearly visible, well annotated, and easy to retrieve when needed. Clear, easy to reference documentation does not just happen; it requires knowledge and planning which are both traits of a good scheduler.