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(PS-2593) (Panel Discussion) The Great Debate: CPM Scheduling - Owners vs. Contractors

Level: Intermediate
Author(s): Jeffrey Milo, PSP; Donna J. Nardella, PE EVP PSP; John P. Orr, PSP; Julie K. Owen, CCP PSP; Hannah E. Schumacher, PSP
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: CPM scheduling has become a standard requirement in construction contracts between Owners and Contractors. These parties are all too frequently at odds in the effort to prepare a single schedule that meets both their needs. Sometimes the rules (in the form of contract specifications and recommended practices) can make this process more confusing instead of less. Interpretation of the specification requirements, misunderstanding of the baseline schedule review/approval process, sequestration of float, unbalanced cost and resource loading, incorporating impacts and changes during the updating process all of these can be the subject of contention and debate between owners and contractors. This session will present a panel of Owner representatives and Contractor scheduling managers to discuss and compare their interests, goals, actions and options during the schedule preparation, review, and updating process. Although presented in a debate format, the goal of this session is not to determine a winner, but to reach agreement on shared goals and viable solutions that benefit both parties and to make the CPM schedule a tool, not a contest between Owner and Contractor.