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(PS-2670) Draft Recommended Practice 92R-17: Analyzing Near-Critical Paths

Level: Advanced
Author(s): Dr. Amin Terouhid, DRMP PSP; Dr. Maryam Mirhadi Fard, PSP; Thomas M. Boyle, PE PSP
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: This recommended practice (RP) is intended to provide a guideline on analyzing near-critical paths in project schedules. Delays or unexpected circumstances may adversely affect near-critical path activities to the extent that they become critical. A near-critical path consists of one or more near-critical activities that are susceptible to the risk of becoming critical and/or causing critical path delays.

This RP will discuss the term near-critical path and the significance of near-critical paths in projects; demonstrate how to determine near-critical paths; and set forth a process for tracking, trending and analyzing near-critical paths. This RP is intended to serve as a guideline and resource, not to establish a standard.