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Risk Analysis: Art, Science, or Bull?

Many of us remember the tag line from the Primavera ad from the '90's about CPM schedules, "Art, Science or Bull?" Having been around Primavera risk analysis since the days of "Monte Carlo", and more than familiar with how to structure risk inputs toward a predictable outcome, we felt it appropriate to resurrect this tag line with a fresh perspective on the way we approach risk analysis with the tools available today.

Risk analysis is one of those common sense things we do in our everyday lives when managing projects - without really thinking about it. Many common-sense things (earned value for example), we tend to complicate beyond usefulness and understanding. Risk analysis is much more than "electronic darts". With tools like P6 Risk Analysis and Acumen Risk available today, risk analysis can be extremely useful in communicating the variable possibilities that project teams need to consider to successfully manage their projects.