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(TCM-2693) Economic Benefits of Green Buildings

Level: Basic
Author(s): Dr. Satish B. Mohan; Benjamin Loeffert
Venue: 2017 AACE International Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

Abstract: Buildings account for 40% of the nation’s CO2 emissions, 68% of electric consumption, 41% of total energy use and 14% of water consumed in the United States; these trends are unaffordable and must change. Studies have shown that green buildings can save approximately 30% in energy usage and lead to increased worker productivity and occupant’s health benefits. Also, green buildings have the potential of lower insurance premiums, lower waste disposal charges, reduced water and sewer fees, and increased rental rates. However, their initial cost can be 1 to 5% higher than the conventional buildings. These additional initial costs are recouped in energy savings over a few years. This paper gives the design and construction steps of green buildings, and presents the results of a few studies done on the short term and long term costs and savings of green features. Actual data of four green buildings, built in various regions of USA, has also been included. All the sampled green buildings cost an additional 2-3%, and are consuming significantly less energy of up to 33%.