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PPG #02: Decision and Risk Management

PPG #02: Decision and Risk Management, 3rd Edition
David C. Brady, P.Eng., Editor
AACE International, October 2012

Price: $50 (Member) / $80 (Non-Member)

Chapter 1: Supporting Skills and Knowledge Chapter 1.1: Elements of Cost Chapter 1.2: Elements of Planning and Scheduling Chapter 1.3: Elements of Analysis Chapter 1.4: Enabling Knowledge

Chapter 2: Risk Management Skills and Knowledge Chapter 2.1: Overall Risk Management Terminology/Concepts Chapter 2.2: Processes and General Practices for Risk Management Chapter 2.3: Specific Risk Management Practices

Chapter 3: Decision Management Skills and Knowledge Chapter 3.1: Overall Decision Management Terminology/Concepts Chapter 3.2: Processes and General Practices for Decision Management Chapter 3.3: Specific Decision Management Practices

Chapter 4: Other Functional Skills and Knowledge (Influencing Practices) Chapter 4.1: Total Cost Management Chapter 4.2: Planning Chapter 4.3: Schedule Planning and Development Chapter 4.4: Estimating and Budgeting Chapter 4.5: Resource Planning Chapter 4.6: Value Analysis and Engineering/Value Management Chapter 4.7: Procurement Planning (Including Contract Management) Chapter 4.8: Performance Measurement and Assessment Chapter 4.9: Change Management Chapter 4.10: Forecasting Chapter 4.11: Asset Change Management Chapter 4.12: Historical Database Management Chapter 4.13: Forensic Performance Assessment

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