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PPG #06: Construction Cost Estimating, 3rd Edition

PPG #6: Construction Cost Estimating, 3rd Edition
Dr. Douglas D. Gransberg, PE CCE FRICS and Dr. Carla Lopez del Puerto, CCC, Editors
AACE International, 2011

Price: $50 (Member) / $100 (Non-Member)

247 papers covering:
- Recommended Practices
- Estimating Theory
- Order-of Magnitude Estimating
- Estimating Factors and Indices
- Estimating Material Costs and Quantity Surveying
- Estimating Labor Costs
- Estimating Equipment Costs
- Subcontracting Costs
- Estimating Overhead and Indirect Costs
- Profit, Contingencies and Mark-ups
- Estimating International Construction Costs
- Heavy Civil Project Estimating
- Estimating Specialty Projects
- Scheduling Input to the Estimate and Change Orders
- Bidding Decisions
- Computer Applications to Construction Cost Estimating
- Estimating Using Building Information Modeling
- Estimating Life-Cycle Costs

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