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Jelen’s Cost and Optimization Engineering, Third Edition

Jelen’s Cost and Optimization Engineering, Third Edition
Kenneth K. Humphreys, Editor
AACE International, 1991 
654 pages

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This classic text book, originally published in 1991, is now back in electronic format!

Mathematics of Cost Comparisons
(Introduction; Equivalence and Cost Comparisons; Depreciation and Taxes: Equivalence after Taxes; Continuous Interest and Discounting; Profitability; Inflation)

(Break-Even and Minimum-Cost Analysis; Probability, Simulation, Uncertainty; Productivity; Optimization; Subsets in Optimization; Linear, Dynamic, and Geometric Programming; Special Mathematical Techniques)

Cost Estimation, Cost/Schedule Control, and Project Management
(Capital Investment Cost Estimation; Operating-Cost Estimation; Project Management and Control)

Associated Topics
(Cost Accounting; Cost Engineering and Beyond)

(Discrete Compound Interest; Continuous Compound Interest; Probability; Learning Curve)

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