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ELM001: Cost Elements

$65 member / $75 non-member

Cost is a basic “yard stick” by which activities and assets are measured and compared. The word cost is so commonly used and generally related to monetary value, we often lose sight of its true meaning and importance as a cost engineering concept. This eLearning module provides a basic overview of cost engineering concepts as they relate to different activities or assets; describes how cost elements are structured within various categories, and describes how these cost elements and cost structures can be used for the purpose of cost management.

This module can be utilized as a study aid for the Certified Cost Technician (CCT) and Certified Cost Professional (CCP) certification exams. It is asynchronous and approximately 30 minutes in length.  It is interactive with questions posed intermittently to assess knowledge gained by the viewer. There is also a test at the end requiring a 70% score to earn 0.1 CEUs and a certificate of completion.