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SK06: Skills and Knowledge Course 6 - Economic Analysis

CEU: 0.9
PDH: 9

No textbook is required for this course.Once your registration is received, the instructor will be notified of your enrollment within one business day, and as soon as your account is set up in the online learning system, you will receive login instructions from the instructor.

Economic Analysis
Engineering economic analysis is a technique that assists in the solution of substantial engineering problems where economic aspects dominate over a considerable period of time. In this course the participant will review this technique of engineering economic analysis and upon completion of this course will be able to, without reference:

  • Calculate simple and compound interest rates and solve interest problems using basic single payments, uniform series, and gradient formulas.
  • Calculate present value, future value, and equivalent uniform annual value of a cash flow series.
  • Determine the discounted rate of return of a cash flow series.
  • Evaluate and select the best alternative using present value, future value, equivalent uniform annual value, and discounted rate of return.
  • Compare alternatives using the benefit-cost ratio.

Withdrawals and Refunds
You may withdraw from this course by sending an email to or by conventional mail requesting to be dropped from the course. Non-attendance or notifying the instructor does not constitute officially dropping or withdrawing from a course. Students who stop attending courses without officially dropping will receive a grade of U in the class. Refunds are not automatic. NO refunds are due unless the course is officially dropped within stated guidelines in the refund schedule.

Refund Schedule
a. All withdrawals must be submitted by e-mail. Withdrawal received before the second day of enrollment: total fee less a $400 cancellation fee for enrollment in the series (seven courses), and total fee less $100 for enrollment in each individual course (less than seven courses).
b. Refund requested after the second day and no later than seven days after the first day of class will be refunded 60% of the fee, after which time there is no refund.