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Fundamentals of Cost Estimating

This self-paced course uses AACE’s trusted body of knowledge as its primary source material. This course is based on the competencies in Recommended Practice (RP) 46R-11: Skills and Knowledge of Project Cost Estimating which align with the competencies in RP 11R-88: Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering. Vetted by AACE knowledge experts, it contains over 17 hours of material across 17 modules and includes Knowledge Checks and Practice Activities. Although it has a strong estimating focus, it is not meant to serve as a comprehensive CEP Review Course.

Full Course (1.7 CEUs)
$850 member / $1000 non-member

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Basic Estimating Knowledge
1.1.2 Cost Dimensions
1.1.3 Cost Classifications
1.1.4 Cost Types
1.1.5 Pricing
1.2.1 Statistics and Probability
1.2.2 Economic and Financial Analysis
1.2.4 Physical Measurements
2.1.1 Overall TCM Process and Terminology
2.2.9 Investment Decision Making
2.4.2 Part A, Project Performance Measurement
2.4.2 Part B, Performance Measurement Mechanics
2.5.1 Project Performance Assessment

Estimating Process and Practices
2.2.4 Part A, Cost Estimating Foundations
2.2.4 Part B, Conceptual Estimates
2.2.4 Part C, Uncertainty
2.2.4 Part D, Costing and Pricing the Estimate
2.2.4 Part E, Budgeting and Documenting the Estimate