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Registrar's Self-Assessment


The purpose of the Registrar's Self-Assessment is to support the implementation of best practices in the Office of the Registrar, based upon a consensus of those best practices from working professionals in the field. The Self-Assessment serves as a practical guide with which registrars can take a step back to candidly survey their own offices and staff members; consider factors impacting compliance, customer service, and current practice; and weigh options to formulate action plans and implement procedural improvements based upon their assessments. 

Since responsibilities within registrar’s offices vary considerably from institution to institution, and historical, organizational, and philosophical factors influence institutional policies and procedures, the Self-Assessment was developed to cover a broad range of topics and functions. The Self-Assessment is arranged by topical area with chapters addressing nearly all basic registrar functions.


Within each chapter are Guiding Principles, which provide a foundation for the discussion topic and guide the development of the questions that follow.

The Assessment Questions provide a framework within which each issue can be fully explored. They give direction, evoke thought, and allow for a variety of approaches to a given topic. The response column can be used to create an inventory of items which require additional attention.

Action Plan items are provided at the end of each section to expand your expertise and allow more in-depth study of a topic. Many are also well-suited for engaging staff in the learning process.

Consider taking the Self-Assessment multiple times over the course of your subscription to measure developments and changes in practice.