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Fostering Cultural Competency in Veterinary Medicine  

Cultural competency in veterinary medicine is crucial in order to interact effectively and respectfully with clients of various cultures, and involves an understanding of the impact of culture on pet ownership, decision-making, and communication. It requires an awareness of one's own worldview—and an awareness of one's attitude toward cultural or linguistic differences, as well as knowledge of how those differences might impact the cultural norms, beliefs, and practices related to animal care, all of which is crucial to the building of trust with clients. This panel discussion will provide insights from four veterinary leaders on the topic.

1. Become aware of and familiar with what constitutes cultural competency in veterinary medicine, including common mistakes and misconceptions. 
2. Understand how every member of the team plays an important role in establishing cultural competence within a practice.
3. Gain tools to demonstrate cultural competency with clients from all different cultures with various worldviews.

Continuing Education (CE):
VHMA (Pending)
Category: Non-Medical
Hour(s): Veterinarians: 1.0 Veterinary Technicians: 1.0

AAHA Members: Free
Non-Members: Free