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Physician Program: Assessing for MDS in Older Adults with Anemia

Assessing Anemia in Older Patients and When to Suspect MDS

AAMDSIF is committed to providing quality and timely educational activities for community hematologists/oncologists, gerontologists, and primary care physicians. This webcast is a studio-based discussion between an academic-based hematologist/oncologist specializing in MDS and a community-based oncologist. These two professionals discuss cases to review the evaluation and work-up of anemia and cytopenias seen in general practice and to review symptoms, clinical presentations, treatment options and post-diagnosis issues common within MDS.

B. Douglas Smith, MD, Professor of Oncology,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Eric J. Seifter, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Oncology,
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this program, viewers will be able to
  • Identify the symptoms that in conjunction with anemia, should lead to suspected MDS
  • Discuss diagnostic techniques, including bone marrow biopsy
  • Review treatment options for patients with MDS, including supportive care, and assistant in the development of appropriate treatment goals for MDS patients
  • Understand how immunomodulatory drugs work against MDS
  • Be familiar with benefits, safety margins, and adverse effects of medications used to treat MDS
Part 1: Diagnosing MDS
Part 2: MDS Diagnostic Workup, Staging and Supportive Therapy
Part 3: Beyond Supportive Therapies

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