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Understanding and Managing Iron Overload in MDS

Iron plays an important role in keeping your body healthy. Having enough iron in your body is very important, but having too much can be harmful. Having too much iron is known as iron overload. This can happen when you get lots of blood transfusions.

During this program, recorded on June 10, 2016 , Tammy De Gelder defines iron overload and explains the causes. She then helps you understand how common it is in MDS and how it is diagnosed. Tammy also discusses possible symptoms you may experience due to iron overload and how iron overload can affect MDS treatment options. She concludes with a review of the FDA approved iron chelators as possible treatment options. 

By the end of this program, you will understand:

  • When an MDS patient should start getting tested for possible iron overload
  • How iron overload is detected and diagnosed
  • Symptoms iron overload may cause
  • Treatment options for iron overload
 To download the transcript for this program:
  • Click the presentation link down below
  • Select Resources tab
  • Download PDF of transcription
*This program is brought to you by educational support from Celgene Corporation