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Understanding Lab Results: How to Interpret Your Lab Work

Dr. Ramiro Garzon, a hematology expert from Ohio State University, provides an overview of the functionality of your bone marrow. He proceeds to discuss and help you understand the lab tests most commonly used to diagnose patients living with aplastic anemia, MDS, PNH, AML, and other related bone marrow failure diseases (CMML, PRCA, and MPNs). These include tests such as: complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panels (metabolic profile), white cell differentials, and the ranges associated with both normal blood counts and abnormal blood counts. He also describes the current use of molecular tests and other diagnostics (i.e. FISH, flow cytometry, immunophenotyping, karyotype test, and polymerase chain reaction) being implemented to aid in the diagnosis of bone marrow failure diseases. Dr. Garzon  concludes with common questions that you should ask your healthcare team.

At the end of this webinar program you will be able to:

  • Blood tests and bone marrow tests associated in the diagnosis phase
  • How to interpret your lab test results
  • Questions you should ask your physician
This webinar is brought to you by Celgene, Takeda, and Achillion.