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Children and Bone Marrow Failure: Cognitive, Social, and Physical Side Effects

Growing up is especially challenging for patients with bone marrow failure diseases. Some families struggle with finding a way to explain the diagnosis and treatment options to their children, siblings, classmates, and relatives.

In this webinar, Dr. Michael Pulsipher, a pediatric hematology expert from Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles briefly discusses the biology of the diagnosis and treatment of aplastic anemia, MDS, and PNH. He primarily focuses on survivorship, special health care needs, follow up care, the long term and late side effects of treatment (physical, mental, and cognitive) and what parents should tell their child’s school about the child's return (i.e. special accommodations, long term planning, etc.).

By the end of this webinar: you will be understand:

  • How to help your child cope with their diagnosis journey
  • Steps to ensure that your child gets the support he or she needs at school