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OMSKU V- Trauma

Select the Sections below you want to view. Each program consists of a "media type" and the legend is below. Please complete the evaluation/feedback after viewing this Chapter, in order to access the assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment, your CDE/CME certificate will be available.

Upon completion of this section, the learner should be able to:
•Delineate the principles of evaluation and treatment of traumatic temporal bone injuries.
•Describe the anatomy of the orbit as well as methods of examination and treatment of injuries to this and related structures.
•Describe methods of examining and treating soft tissue injuries.
•Characterize the prognosis for primary and permanent dentition following soft tissue injuries.
•Compare and contrast methods of examination and treatment of condyle/ ramus fractures in children, adolescents, and adults.
•Identify the biomechanical basis for treatment of panfacial fractures.
•Describe the potential complications of zygomaticomaxillary complex fractures and their treatment.
•Understand the pre-operative evaluation of patients seeking nasal injury repair.
•Become familiar with surgical anatomy relevant to nasal fracture surgery.
•Optimally sequence the multiple surgical steps needed for management of a panfacial fracture patient.
•Apply critical thinking pathways to both the elective and emergent airway management of trauma patients.
•Discuss the diagnosis and surgical management of nasoethmoid and frontal sinus fractures.
•Appreciate the surgical and other complications of common facial injuries their management.

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