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Select the Sections below you want to view. Each program consists of a "media type" and the legend is below. Please complete the evaluation/feedback after viewing this Chapter, in order to access the assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment, your CDE/CME certificate will be available.

Upon completion of this activity, the learner should be able to:

•Describe the anatomy of the TMJ and surrounding structures.
•Relate surface anatomy of the TMJ to open surgical approaches and arthroscopic approaches to the TMJ.
•Identify structures normally visualized during arthroscopy.
•Describe the appropriate method for clinical examination of the TMD patient.
•Discuss the Human System Theory as it relates to TMDs and how it pertains to management of the TMD patient.
•List and interpret the diagnostic criteria for TMD of the American Association of Orofacial Pain (AAOP).
•Identify normal structures on MRI and CT of the TMJ
•Identify common abnormalities of the TMJ on MRI and CT
•List the principles of therapeutic management of patients with myofascial pain
•Describe different bite appliances and their advantages/disadvantages
•Describe how to perform arthrocentesis
•List indications and contraindications for surgical arthroscopy
•Describe the procedures that can be performed arthroscopically
•Discuss the relevance of lateral impingement in the development and progression of TMDs
•Identify lateral disc impingement abnormalities on coronal MRI
•List conservative treatment options for management of recurrent dislocation of the TMJ
•Describe surgical treatment options for management of recurrent dislocation of the TMJ, including eminoplasty and eminectomy.
•Describe the indications and technique for performing modified condylotomy
•List alternatives for reconstruction of the TMJ with biological tissues.
•Describe the indications and technique for costochondral graft reconstruction of the TMJ
•List advantages and disadvantages of custom total joint replacement over other methods of joint reconstruction
•Describe indications for custom total joint replacement
•Describe indications and technique for total joint replacement with a stock alloplastic prosthesis
•Discuss the management of patients who present simultaneously with TMD and dentofacial deformity
•Discuss the potential role for tissue engineering in the management of TMD’s

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