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ICD-10 Coding and Your Pain Practice

Get the info you need from the Coding for Pain Experts at the American Academy of Pain Medicine
Intended Audience: Medical coders, physician office staff, billing staff, health records staff in pain clinics and practices.

It's time to:
  • Start preparing -Now!
  • Think documentation -Now!
  • Begin initial training -Now!
  • Plan intensive training -Now!
  • Identify resources, including the staff and tools you will need -Now!

Upon completion of the presentation, participants will
  • Understand the importance and application of ICD-10 codes in the healthcare system
  • Recognize the characteristics of ICD-10 and the general classifications in ICD-10
  • Comprehend the key distinctions between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM
  • Recognize the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to ICD-10-CM.
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